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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in the police investigation... coming up in a live report. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a violent night in daly city, several people stabbed, the police investigation coming up in a live report. and a big crackdown at candlestick. the sweeping changes following the game day violence in the battle of the bay this past saturday. good morning, everybody. tuesday is the day, it's august 23rd. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. tuesday is the day. >> it is "the" day for fog and sunshine and a lot of heat. >> it is going to be the hottest day of the week. >> you would know. >> temperatures getting cranked up. high pressure in control now. we are seeing dense fog toward the coast. in the afternoon, though, 70s into san francisco and oakland. 80s and even 90s in the valleys:don't get used to it. things will be changing. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we are going life towards the bay bridge toll plaza, we are following an accident approaching the toll plaza westbound 580 as you head
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towards the macarthur maze. they are in the clearing stages now. car hit the sand barrels so we'll let you know what's going on there plus show you a live look at conditions heading into san francisco. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. it's 6:00. and we begin with a develop story down in daly city. multiple stabbings sending several people to the hospital overnight. kristy seifkin is at a popular bowling alley where the trouble may have started early this morning. she joins us with more. good morning, kristy. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank. when we arrived here at serra bowl in daly city a couple of hours ago, there were several police cars on scene. they have just now left, taking down the crime scene tape. this is all after they received unconfirmed reports that several men were stabbed here overnight. police are not saying much, but we have received reports that four men were stabbed at the bowling alley and then walked over to seton hospital in daly city which is just a few blocks away from where we are now. multiple ambulances were called and the men were taken from
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seton to san francisco general hospital. according to serra bowl's website, the alley holds an event every week called monday madness. and this event runs in 1 a.m. that event includes discounted alcohol and there is a bar inside the bowling alley. so it begs the question of if alcohol may have been involved in the incident. now, an officer at the scene that i spoke to earlier said a detective was collecting evidence earlier trying to determine what happened putting the pieces together in this potential crime. but as i said before, no confirmed reports from police right now. still waiting to hear details about the condition of those victims and find out what might have caused the violence in the first place. frank? >> okay, kristy seifkin live in daly city, thanks. one man is dead, three others injured following a rash of overnight shootings in oakland last night. all within just 40 minutes. fatal shooting happened 5799th and ar -- fatal shooting happened at 79th and arthur. no arrest there.
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three robbery suspects shot two people at 38th and foothill. another person shot at 54th and foothill. no word if the shootings are related. a new crackdown coming for san francisco 49ers home games. stephanie chuang is at candlestick park where team officials say they are not going to be tolerating any more violence. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, grace. that's their message. they have introduced new rules in response to saturday night's violence that include maybe expecting less drinking, less tailgating the next time you're here at candlestick park. the fists were flying in the stands during the game. a man was severely beaten in a restroom and two others shot after the game. everyone is in stable condition now those three victims. 40% more officers were called in to help during the game. but that did not stop the riles so here are the new rules. there will be a crackdown on drinking, that means no more alcohol sales in the 4th quarter. we are talking tougherrer enforcement on drunks at the
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game and police will set up post-game dui checkpoints. also, tailgating parties can only start four hours before kickoff and they will be stopped when the game starts if tailgaters don't go into the game they will be kicked out. >> i just think that okay so you can't buy alcohol during the 4th quarter but if you have been drinking like crazy throughout the entire game until then, what difference does it make? >> it's our believe that we should recommend to the nfl that this game is at least postponed for some period of time. >> reporter: 49ers president and ceo jed york says it wasn't regular fans who caused the problem. he blames it on the people who bought cheap tickets from season ticket holders who didn't care to see that preseason game. in all that night police booked 12 people. the average is one or two a game. now, some other changes you will see here at candlestick
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include more visible police presence. they are planning for brighter lights here in the parking lot and season ticketholders who are caught, quote, misbehaving may have their access revoked. so those are some of the changes. they will start this saturday when the 9ers host the houston texans here at candlestick. grace? >> all right. we'll see if it works. stephanie chuang at candlestick thank you. a new setback this morning for bryan stow. doctors are treating the injured giants fan for an infection and fever. his sister talked about it last night on headline news. >> so he had, you know, a couple of steps back the past few days and he has had an infection. >> the family website reports stow has responded to visits from his children. dozens of arrests in san francisco during another protest against bart for a fatal police shooting and the transit system's response. [ let them go, let them go, let them go! >> this was the scene yesterday. some of the protestors overturning garbage cans and blocked traffic, clashing with
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the police. officers again making arrests around 8:30 last night. now, bart had to shut down both the civic center and the powell street stations several times. on twitter protest leaders say they plan to do it again next monday, protesting the fatal shooting of a bart passenger last july. one of moammar qaddafi's captured by rebels is free and defiant. [ chanting ] >> that's him, seif al-islam. he made a surprise appearance today at a tripoli hotel, telling reporters and supporters his father's regime will crush the rebellion. rebel leaders have not explained why he isn't in custody. he says his father is still in triple digits but the exact location is unknown. let's go live to some pictures out in tripoli.
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we do know that the clashes continue between rebels and regime loyalists. as we can see, not too much activity but we have heard earlier -- there we can see smoke now -- we can hear some gunfire in the background. seems there's still a lot of activity going on. we do know that this clash continues and nato says pro- qaddafi force are losing strength through dissessions and defections and -- deer istions and defections and nato will continue to bomb tripoli. >> reporters are in the thick of things. you think of the vietnam war and people on the front lines and now the reporters are down in tripoli with the helmets and all. it's crazy. lawrence has a hot weather forecast. >> temperatures going to be heating up. kind of a quick hitter though.
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lots of sunshine outside, very interesting. the fog will burn off early. thick at the coast. dense fog advisory at the beaches right now. be careful there, clear inland. 50s and 60s. this afternoon 90s in many spots inland. 80s san jose. 75 sunny in oakland. 70 degrees even in san francisco. looks like a gorgeous day. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we took a couple of calls from our pals on the road the confi. westbound 580 on the connectedder ramp the left lane of the connector ramp remains blocked. car hit sand barrels in the area. oil in lanes. so matt and greg from the kcbs phone force telling us that traffic is backed up an eighth of a mile now. tow crews are on scene so hopefully they will clear this accident here very shortly. bay similar to yesterday. fastrak users getting by okay
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at the bay bridge toll plaza, cash lanes backed up to mid lot. in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. hurricane irene getting stronger by the minute. the warning forecasters have issued that shows just how big this storm could get. plus, more rights as an airline passenger. how new rules could put some money in your pockets. and another sign that the economy has gone straight to the dogs. coming up, bizarre thefts on the rise. tell you about that and much more coming up.
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after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra-d, i have it all. years ago. arrested "william a 6:12. a fugitive is back in custody for his part in a san francisco murder that happened 45 years ago. william asher iii was re- arrested last week. received seven years to live for his role in a 1966 robbery in which a bartender was shot and beaten to death. he escaped from an el dorado county inmate camp back in 1975. and he had been on the run ever since. >> it was a cold fugitive case. it was getting passed around a little bit so technically wasn't a big priority. >> before asher's mother died in 2005 she asked relatives to use a secret phone number to
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call her son. investigators used phone records to track him down. two wildfires in southern california have burned near 500 acres there. evacuation orders are now lifted for 50 homes near the town of paris in riverside county. a fire there now 60% contained. it briefly threatened an education complex at uc- riverside, as well. wildfire in san bernardino national forest has destroyed a home, burned 350 acres. it's now 40% contained. and a hurricane in the caribbean is getting a lot stronger. it is moving towards the united states now. right now hurricane irene centered near the dominican republic. it has maximum winds of 100 miles per hour. that makes it a category 2. forecasters say it could grow to 4 by thursday and possibly make landfall in florida, georgia or south carolina. a little scary. it might hit new england. >> watch that closely. >> that is crazy down there.
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6:13. yet another candidate may step in. the republican eyeing a run for the white house. >> getting crowded that's for sure. and it's been called the largest organized back-to- school event in u.s. history. why only fathers are being asked to participate, though. if you are traveling today, we are cleared for take-off at sfo. looking at 74 degrees, sunny skies, just going to be a gorgeous day easy to get in and out of sfo. but if you are headed to other parts of the country, we are looking at the possibility of some thunderstorms into chicago. that could very well cause some delays there. check on your travel conditions. 83. new york not bad. we'll see some sunshine, about 8 degrees by the afternoon. the rest of your forecast is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stories: police in daly city are investigating multiple lts may have alabama let's take a look at today's top stories. police in daly city are investigating multiple stabs at a popular bowling alley open overnight. we'll have a live report at 6:30. no more tailgating after the game starts and no more alcohol sales after the 3rd quarter. those are some changes planned at candlestick park because of saturday's outbreak of violence at the 49ers-raiders game. and on to libya.
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nato says qaddafi forces are losing strength but the situation remains dangerous. the dictator's son made a surprise appearance passing out weapons to supporters. all right, good morning, folks. we are looking at a great day ahead. a lot of sunshine and temperatures going to be heating up outside. there's some dense fog though showing up over the bay right now. but boy, that's compressed right down near the surface only a few hundredth feet thick so traveling near the coastline dense fog advisory in effect there seeing thick fog along 280 and highway 1. still most his clear in the bay and the valleys. by the afternoon, sunny and hot in spots. up into the 90s in some place inland. beautiful 70s inside the bay. some 80s in toward the santa clara valley. and even at the coastline, we'll find some sunshine just a couple of patches of fog. and you can see this finger of fog along the coastline right now but that's going to start to break up and, well, we have the warmest day of the week coming our way for today. high pressure going to crank up the temperatures outside.
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but a quick hitter as we head in toward tomorrow, temperatures coming down once again. plan on about sunny and 97 degrees in fresno, 93 in yosemite, 101 today in redding and about 66 a few leftover clouds into monterey bay. and around the bay, you will find 86 degrees santa clara and sunny there. 85 in milpitas, 82 in palo alto. about 68 degrees in half moon bay with some sunshine. how about the east bay? if you like the heat, it's going to be a hot one today. 94 in dublin, 97 brentwood, 95 in livermore and 95 degrees into pittsburg, 70s into alameda and oakland. in the north bay temperatures up into the 70s and the 80s. beautiful 71 degrees, sunny skies into sausalito this afternoon and 70 degrees and sunny in san francisco. looking out over the next couple of days, today, yeah, it's going to be a hot day of the week and then we start to cool down for wednesday and thursday with more lo -- with more low clouds and fog. warm up towards the weekend. let's check traffic with
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elizabeth. >> we have a new injury crash on the peninsula. the on-ramp, the millbrae avenue on-ramp to northbound 101 is completely blocked. a car on the side, emergency crews heading to the scene. a lot of fog at the peninsula, as well. actually chp issued a dense fog advisory for stretches of highway 1 through daly city. and you can see that fog out there as you cross the bridge. probably our best traffic camera for visualizing some of the fog out there, low visibility heading into san francisco. we could also see it in our mill valley, as well. we have a noninjury crash portionly blocking the ramp from westbound 580 to eastbound 80 at the maze, tow crew heading to the scene. bay bridge for a while only seeing delays in the cash lanes. fastrak users getting by okay. now it looks like the backups extend pretty much all lanes. but it's only backed up to mid
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lot. the metering lights remain off. they will likely turn them on any minute. this is our fall back-to-school commute so we are expecting bigger backups at the bay bridge than the past couple of months. mass transit, yesterday we were dealing with big delays for the evening commute home on bart, several stations were closed around civic center and downtown san francisco but want to let you know that all trains are on schedule, all stations are open. so everything is good to go this morning for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new federal rules to protect airline passengers kick in today. among them passengers bumped from flights and arriving late get double the price of their ticket back up to $650. airlines will refund checked bag fees for lost bags and they will include all government taxes and fees in advertised fares. and new this morning, former new york governor george pataki is seriously considering
6:22 am
a running for the white house according to his spokesman. pataki will speak at a republican event in iowa on saturday. some sources say he will have something to say about a presidential bid. he ruled out a run earlier but may change his mind. crooks are going after canines. why the economy has really gone to the dogs. >> plus a power shift with the s&p. the major announcement it will be making later this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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street covered with flood waters in council blu back now at 6:24. this is no place for a school bus full of kids, right? a street covered with floodwaters in council bluffs, iowa. they got a special ride to school after the bus driver took a turn into the water. they were stranded for about an hour before national guard trucks came to the rescue and got them to safety. some of the students warned the bus driver, don't make that turn. he did. >> yeah. yes, he did. this morning fathers of schoolkids in hayward are going to take part in a national back- to-school event. the one million fathers march urges men to walk children to school. school districts in seven hundred cities are participating. it's sponsored by an organization in chicago that works to improve the lives of
6:26 am
black and latino families. but it is encourage people of all ethnicities to take part. >> we have seen based on the research that when the fathers are involved, the students do better all the way around. >> no matter how much hard work we do, you can't -- no money replaces the 10, 15 minutes we can give our kids on a daily basis. >> this morning, there will be a ceremony at martin luther king, jr. middle school in hayward to kick off the campaign urging fathers to get involved in their children's education. this is scary for you dog owners out there. dog thefts in the u.s. are happening at a rate almost 1 1/2 times of that last year. >> that's according to the american kennel club which says 224 dogs were reported stolen in the united states from january through july. that compares with just 162 for the same period last year. the group says thieves steal the dogs especially the purebreds and sell them. >> watch out.
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>> sign of the times. hold on to fido. 6:26 now. coming up, budget cuts keeping students out of class. the bay area school district that may have to shorten its school year. a bart protest turns into a mob. why police were forced to step in. i'm kristy seifkin live in daly city where we received reports that four men were stabbed overnight at a bowling alley. what clues police have for the investigation and what happened to the victims in a live report coming up. the next time you're here at candlestick park, expect less drinking. 9ers have announced new rules for the stadium following saturday night's violence. we'll have the details coming up. ,, ,,
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all right. there is the opening bell. stocks will be on the rice as wall street gets into action this morning. futures rose more than 1% overnight. there were modest gains in yesterday. most world markets are higher today. cbsmoneywatch reporter jason brooks will have new numbers in about 15 minutes. one of those things you just -- what's going to happen today on wall street? >> i lot of the markets abroad -- a lot of the markets abroad look good so this could be a good day. good morning. it's tuesday, august 23. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we'll start with traffic because there is a fender-
6:31 am
bender or something going on, on 880. >> reporter: northbound 880 approaching marina boulevard. first reports of an overturn injury crash in san leandro. so again, it's right there before marina boulevard but check the sensors already showing a pretty good sized backup in the area debris apparently scattered all over the roadway so we are launching chopper 5. we may bring you some live pictures here shortly. in the meantime, let's get an update on your forecast with lawrence. >> all right, elizabeth. we have a great day coming our way, lots of sunshine, patchy fog though. thick dense fog advisory at the coastline, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. going to be hot. just how hot? we'll talk more about that in a moment. back to you. >> thank you. developing news out of daly city. several people have been stabbed and ended up in the hospital. kristy seifkin is at a popular bowling alley where the troubles may have started earlier morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. when we arrived here a couple of hours ago there were several police cars on scene.
6:32 am
they had been here all morning. they just left taking down the crime scene tape. we have received initial reports that several men were shot at this bowlingly alley ceara bowling alfully daly city. -- serra bowling alley in daly city. unconfirmed reports of four men being stabbed and walked to seton hospital a few blocks away from where we are now. then they were taken from seton hospital in ambulances to san francisco general hospital to be treated. according to serra bowl's website, the alley holds an event called monday madness weekly until 1 a.m. it includes discounted beer, there is a bar inside the bowling alley. and so that of course begs the question if alcohol was involved in the violence. the bowling alley also has surveillance cameras so hopefully, there is some help for the police to piece together what happened here last night. i spoke to an officer on scene earlier who said there were detectives here earlier this morning gathering evidence.
6:33 am
they have now gone to the daly city police department. they are trying to figure out exactly what happened, how this fight broke out. and actually to get some information about who stabbed the victims and their conditions. we'll certainly provide with you more of those details as we get them. >> piecing together that case. kristy seifkin in daly city, thank you. in oakland, three shootings there in just 40 minutes. one of the victims has died that. man was killed at 79th and arthur just after midnight. no arrests there. two others were shot during a robbery at 38th and foothill around 11:30 last night. and then about 40 minutes later another person was shot at 54th and foothill. no word of a connection between the shootings. in san francisco, 40 people arrested after a protest at the civic center bart station spilled into the streets. [ yelling ] >> some of the protestors overturning garbage cans, some blocked traffic. they clashed with the cops
6:34 am
there. officers began making arrests around 8:0last night. >> no justice, no peace! >> bart shut down both the civic center and powell street stations several times because of protests. on twitter protest leaders say they plan to do it again monday. they are protesting the fatal bart police shooting of a man in july and bart's shutdown of cell service in response to earlier protests. shortening the school year is one cost-cutting idea for the mount diablo school district. holly quan is on the phone to explain what's at stake. good morning. >> reporter: mount diablo unified served 36,000 contra costa kids. it's looking to save $6 million next year by imposing serve furlough days on teachers to include five school days and two teacher workdays. that will leave the district with 175 days for the school year, the bare minimum. tonight the school board meets to review protective custody potioned furloughs which are part of the latest teacher
6:35 am
contract. the shortened school year comes after the district agreed to lengthen school days by one hour at three elementary schools. this comes as schools around the state face the threat of a shorter academic year due to midyear budget cuts. if the state doesn't have enough tax revenue by december automatic budget cuts will force some districts to cut the school year by two weeks. classes begin in the mount diablo district a week from today. >> thank you, holly quan with kcbs radio. let's check traffic and weather. we hear there is an accident that just happened. >> this one an overturn. >> overturned car blocking the left lanes. several other cars are also stopped in that area. we are talking about northbound 880 before marina boulevard. this is in san leandro. we have just learned from chp this is a major injury crash. so again we are already seeing pretty good sized backups for this time of the morning. debris is in the road. southbound 880 slowing in the stretch as you make your way
6:36 am
towards san leandro. so again, this is a definite developing hotspot here. we are launching chopper 5. so hopefully we'll bring you some live pictures here very shortly but again there are delays northbound and southbound 880 in that san leandro area. now, our closest camera is near the coliseum north of the accident. past hegenberger everything is good. drive time is growing to 23 minutes northbound 880 between 238 and the maze. coming up, we'll show you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are just turned on. lawrence has the forecast. >> sunshine today, also dense fog showing up at the coast. let's head out there now. you can see some of that thick fog and it's compressed down to the surface right out there somewhere. treasure island hiding out there. but it looks like it is going to be a great day as that fog is going to break up and we have a lot of sunshine come our way. watch out, though, traveling near the coast that dense fog continuing this morning. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine.
6:37 am
these temperatures are going to soar compared to yesterday's highs well above that. a good 13 degrees above that at 94 in concord, 70 and gorgeous in san francisco. back to you guys. >> thank you. like to tailgate? the rules are about to change for 49ers fans in the wake of all the violence at the battle of the bay. stephanie chuang is live with the crackdown coming to candlestick park. >> reporter: good morning. the next time people come here to candlestick park they can expect less drinking and less tailgating if all goes according to plan anyway. the 9ers have announced new rules following saturday night's violence. the cameras caught that violence, fans going at each other, fistfighting during the battle of the bay game. a man was attacked and knocked unconscious in a restroom and two others were shot after the game. everyone is physical his fine now but the violence pushed the 9ers to introduce these new rules. no more alcohol sales in the 4th quarter. tougher enforcement on drunks
6:38 am
at the game. and police will set up post- game dui checkpoints. also, those popular tailgate parties can only start four hours before kickoff and they will be stopped when the game starts. if the tailgaters don't have tickets and don't go into the game, they will be forced out of the park. >> it appeared very early on that the people weren't here to see the game, they were more inclined to engage with other people in the crowds than just to enjoy the game. >> they are just looking for an entertainment and place to go and start trouble. that happens when you can go buy a ticket cheap on the internet because your regular season ticketholder isn't going to be there. >> reporter: some additional changes. brighter lighting in the parking lots, more visible police presence, and season ticketholders caught miss behaving will have their access taken way. these rules start this weekend.
6:39 am
9ers and raiders fans may not be meeting in the bay area for a while. the 9ers are trying to suspend the usual battle of the bay games and the raiders will consider it. >> thank you, stephanie chuang at candlestick with the latest. bryan stow in the meantime his family says prayers for the victims of the violence at candlestick. they say stow has suffered setbacks over the weekend in his recovery from an attack outside dodger stadium in march. he is being treated for infections and a fever. they also say stow has responded, thought, to visits from his children. 6:39 now. a southern california mother under arrest as her baby boy fights for his life. the 7-month-old baby was apparently thrown from an upper floor of a parking garage at a hospital in the city of orange. the 31-year-old mother was arrested after surveillance video showed her driving out of the garage with an empty child seat in her car. fresh fighting has erupted in tripoli this just hours after moammar qaddafi's son
6:40 am
turned up free to thwart rebel claims he had been captured and to rally supporters. [ yelling ] >> qaddafi's son says his father is still in libya's capital city but moammar qaddafi's exact location still remains a secret. clashes continue between rebels and regime loyalists. thick clouds of smoke filled the sky, heavy gunfire and explosions shook several districts of the city just a couple of minutes ago nato reemphasizing it will continue operations in libya and will bomb qaddafi's forces if they keep fighting. 6:40 now. facebook just keeps adding friends, why it's planning another expansion. >> from touch pads to ipad, cnet editor-at-large brian cooley says it doesn't matter which brand you buy. pictures from chopper 5 of a major accident.
6:41 am
details coming up. >> and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the numbers. so far, so good. not up a lot. but it's up. that's a good thing. got an update with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks coming up. ,, the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents
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average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max.
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good morning. well, we are following breaking traffic news right now in san leandro. check out these pictures from chopper 5. chp just issued a traffic alert for this stretch of freeway. you're looking at northbound 880 approaching marina boulevard. as you can see, a pickup truck overturned. emergency crews are on scene. so now they have blocked off the two left lanes of northbound 880. they actually have assigned six chp units to this crash so again, they are telling us this was a major injury crash. northbound 880 as you can see in this backup is very slow going right now. traffic is just at a crawl from at least 238. these delays are growing. did he breathe scattered all over the -- debris scattered all over the freeway including southbound 880. one lane southbound 880 is blocked for emergency crews. an ambulance is blocking one lane so northbound 880 we are seeing the biggest backups but even southbound 880 sluggish
6:45 am
across that stretch so use 580 as your alternate. chp just gave an eto of 7:00 this morning when they hope to re-open the lanes. tow crews just arrived on scene. so kind of ambitious to get it open in the next 15 minutes but that's the eto we have been given so far. we'll continue to follow this story. let's check some other areas just north of this accident. this is where our camera is near the coliseum. use things pick up no delay past hegenberger into downtown. but it is very slow right now through portion of san leandro. at the bay bridge, wanted to quickly show you this because they turned on the metering lights at 6:30. slow up the incline. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. for more on your forecast, let's go over to lawrence to check on that. >> some kind of day today we have coming our way. lots of sunshine, but we have some patchy dense fog.
6:46 am
seeing some of that inside the bay right now. treasure island really foggy but the sun coming up and it looks like a fantastic day today. this will be the hot day of the week. some of those temperatures are going to soar toward the afternoon. still 60s showing up around parts of the bay area right now. 50s elsewhere and that dense fog advisory continuing at the coastline even a couple of patches of fog inside the bay. this afternoon nothing but sunshine inside the bay. 70s here, 80s toward the santa clara valley. 90s in some of the valleys today. and even some sunshine and a few 60s at the coastline. how about this? we have that fog that's moved in along the coast. today the warmest day of the week. then this ridge starts to weaken somewhat, slides further east. our temperatures will cool down and we'll see more fog and low clouds as we head in toward the next couple of days. temperatures up into the 90s in the central valley. about 93 degrees in yosemite. 82 in lake tahoe. 101 expected in redding for today. around the bay we'll see 85
6:47 am
degrees in sunnyvale, 83 in redwood city, 79 degrees sunny skies into union city. east bay numbers up well into the 90s inland. about 74 degrees and sunny in alameda this afternoon. 75 in oakland. and about 71 degrees gorgeous into berkeley. 80s in the north bay by the afternoon, as well. 70 degrees in san francisco. and a beautiful day in sausalito. about 71 degrees. next few days today the peak of the heat. tomorrow we start to cool down a bit. looks like they are only going to cool through wednesday and thursday. then toward friday and saturday, the weekend looks good as temperatures warm up. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. 6:47. the president of standard & poor's is resigning. he is stepping down. the ratings agency will make the announcement this morning. athe 55-year-old will leave nex month. it was in the works before
6:48 am
standard & poor's downgradedthee u.s. credit ratings. jason brooks with kcbs and is here with the economic news. >> reporter: mixed bag. most economists don't think we are in store for a double dip but the numbers of those who think we will slide into recession over the next 12 months is increasing. the "associated press" survey found 26% of the 43 economists they surveyed feel we will slide back into recession sometime in the next 12 months. that's compared to 15% in june. they are looking for 2% in the 3rd quarter and 2.2% in the 4th quarter. fed chairman ben bernanke is going to give a speech on the economy in jackson hole, wyoming and a lot of people are going to be watching for any hint of a third round of quantitative easing to help stimulate the economy again. the fed has down two rounds of $2.3 trillion of mortgage-
6:49 am
backed securities and u.s. treasuries. and the president of the st. louis fed branch james bollard says the fed is prepared to take action if the economy continues to slow further. big problems lower home prices, and weaker consumer spending. consumer spending makes up two- thirds of the economy. speaking of s&p, not only is their president resigning and a new one coming on but standard & poor's is doing a 180 on google. a week ago s&p downgraded google after its $12.5 billion purchase of motorola mobility saying that posed a big risk to shareholders. well, google's shares have fallen over the past week after the downgrade and now s&p says google shares are priced right and would be a good deal for investors. makes you think. let's look at the stock market right now. google shares by the way up 1.2% on that report. dow up by 50 points. nasdaq up 15. s&p higher by 4. we'll see if we have any more wild swings in store. had that all over the place
6:50 am
yesterday wound up just in positive territory thanks to a last-minute rally. >> but it's not where you start it's where you finish. >> reporter: that's the only thing that matters, absolutely. >> come 4:30 or 4:00 today. thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and facebook is not even settled in its new menlo park complex yet but they are already talking about getting bigger, expanding. the "mercury news" reports the social network has filed plans to build a second campus in the big city across highway 48 from the 1 million-square-foot complex it bought from sun microsystems. you guys have probably heard, hp is selling the touch pads for 99 bucks and there's also rumors about the ipad 3. >> but try to find one. but when you look at all the tablets it may not matter because they all do the same thing. some have a little more gadgets but here to talk about it cnet editor-at-large brian cooley. we were just chatting off camera. >> there it is. >> that's a great deal.
6:51 am
>> here it is. here's the touch pad that no one cared about when it was $300, $400, $500. now at $100, it's the hottest product in tech. price changes everything. >> that's got to send a message to the people who make these things. >> yes. that's my message this morning. when you see a touch pad if you can find one or any of the other tablets out there, in many ways, 90% of what you will do is done on all tablets. it's kind of universal. it's web, email, things do you on a computer all the time. take a look at some of my favorite functions for even an obsolete tablet. you have a web browser and most of them except for the ipad handle flash websites. that's something that the rest of them all do that an ipad doesn't do. so if you find this hp touch pad it's [ indiscernible ] web browser, email isn't changing. they all do that. >> they don't have a lot of apps. >> there's very few apps for the hp touch pad but how many on your phone or tablet do you use a lot? some people do. your phone is also another
6:52 am
place where you can find apps. it could be a different operating system you have there. also i love tablets for rear seat entertainment. a lot of people spend thousands to put dvd screens in the back seat of the cars. just stick one of these on the head rest. these are great for that. a touch pad at $100 is tremendous for that. kitchen computer. recipes and things? no keyboard you can't get spaghetti sauce in here. this thing will never get gummed up with tomatoes. that's great. another thing to think about for any tablet you can find they are all great photo frames. how many times have you sat there with your camera showing folkspictures? you can transferred them to any tablet >> the big question is how do we get one? >> they are hard to find because they are coming in dribs and drabs, they are still in the channels in the distribution centers. one thing i'm use something the google shopping too so i search
6:53 am
hp touch pad and brings up merchants that they scan. >> my hp decides, hey we might have something here, maybe a lower end tablet? >> no. hp is out of this whole business now. this is a heck of a lesson for the tablet makers that when you change the price you completely change your demand. consumers still see tablets as a luxury goods because they cost hundreds and you don't need it compared to how much you want it. >> for the record you got that hp one -- >> we had this before they came out. this is our lab sample from our review lab. i couldn't find one. i have been looking. i can't find one anywhere. >> we have been looking. >> but don't sweat your tablet. if you can find an inexpensive one they are all great at the general stuff. you don't necessarily have to have the perfect android or ipad. >> thank you, cnet editor-at- large brian cooley. 6:53 now. and a wild triple play. this is in the minor leagues. >> and it's all thanks to one
6:54 am
outfielder who really used his head. and you will see it right here and we'll be right back. ,,,, the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district
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to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. let's go out to chopper 5
6:57 am
update you on this still issued traffic alert in san leandro. as you can see tow crews just cleared the -- most of the accident. they cleared where that car overturned. they cleared the car over to the right shoulder. and it looks like fire crews have now left the scene, as well. but check out that debris to the side of your screen. that is still blocking the left lane. this is northbound 880 right there at marina boulevard in san leandro. so they still have to sweep up that mess. so again, still one lane blocked and it's still causing a good sized traffic backup on northbound 880. unfortunately, it is jammed solid as chopper 5 zooms back. you can see all those brake lights as far back as san leandro. southbound 880 for a while an ambulance was blocking lanes and debris actually scattered all over the freeway in both directions, southbound 880 sluggish from at least 98. you can see all the backups and brake lights on our traffic sensors so i would use 580 in the meantime until they get this traffic alert cancelled. the estimated time was about 7:00. there's still a lot of debris
6:58 am
to clean up. back to you guys. >> we'll update you guys later in the morning. 6:57. right now police in daly city are investigating multiple stabbings. there are unconfirmed reports that the assaults happened at a bowling alley that was old until about 1 a.m. several stabbing victims walked into a nearby hospital. and then they were taken by ambulance to san francisco general for treatment. no word though on their conditions. and one man is dead, three others injured following several overnight shootings in oakland. all happening within 40 minutes of each other. the fatal shooting happened at 79th and arthur just after midnight. two others were shot at 38th and foothill during a robbery. a fourth person shot at 54th and foothill. no arrests and no word if the shootings were connected at all. >> 6:58. it is tuesday. and it's a beautiful day. >> hottest day of the week. and we'll see more sunshine on the coast than seen in sometime. it's going to be spectacular but we have dense fog advisory this morning, looking thick out
6:59 am
the door this morning especially at the beaches. we have dense fog at the beaches and inside the bay. temperatures under mostly sunny skies this afternoon, 90s showing up in the valleys. plenty of 70s inside the bay, even some 80s at the santa clara valley. patchy fog at the coastline, temperatures into the 60s. we'll cool down a little on wednesday and thursday before warming up headed into next weekend. >> that sounds good. >> going to be great. you don't center to be a sports fan to -- you don't center to be a sports fan to appreciate this triple play. you have to see it to believe it. omaha minor leaguer flying into centerfielder. off the glove, off the head. into the glove. two guys on the bases going around they don't know what's going upon. throws it back in, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, you have a triple play. one more time of. it's g


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